Today’s post is actually an assignment for my poetry class and a submission for Thursday Tales. This is my first time submitting any writing at Thursday Tales although I have stopped by and read a lot and have really enjoy the site. My assignment was to look at a picture and  write ten lines. The first line – ask a question by the character. Next four lines- introduce a conflict the character has. Next four lines – resolve the conflict. Final line – rephrase the initial conflict in the first line, which is called an envelope effect”.


Can you hear my words, lost in an echo?

Whispering swing, gently hushed

wisps of hair falling, unnoticed

I wait for your arms

to comfort me

My eyes find you, there!

Your smell; cinnamon and blackberries

lifting me high, my fingers

touch your skin, softly

Can you hear my words, lost in your heart?

image courtesy:   andrewf1


About writetoday

It has been a long road to get to where I am today, and I appreciate all that I have. Life has opened up many opportunities for me, leaving me to decide at the wonderful age of forty –three what I want to do with the rest of my life. The kids are grown and experiences throughout the years have given me a chance to walk an interesting path. This has given me the inspiration to share with others my words that I have kept hidden deep inside. I believe there is a book tucked away inside me somewhere; it’s just a matter of taking it down from the dusty shelf and opening the first blank page and writing. Here I hope to be further inspired and share with others the words that mean something to me. View all posts by writetoday

3 responses to “Grandma

  • Leo

    hi Melody, firstly.. welcome to Thursday Tales. hope we see you submitting more often! 🙂

    secondly, your poem is very good. its sort of a story in a poem isn’t it? when we started Thursday Tales, we thought we’d make it fully stories, but a story in a poem is also fine now! glad you dropped by! 😀

    keep writing 🙂 see you this Thursday too…

  • Creativity

    Hello Melody,:) Excellent Beautiful Write Up A Story In A Poetry Form.:D Very Well Written :D. Keep Writing For Thursday Tales. 🙂 You Have Excellent Writing Skills. 🙂 Would Wish To See You Every Thursday. 🙂

    Wishing You All The Very Best Success,:)
    Creativity. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Leo and Creativity for your inspiring and thoughtful comments. I had fun with Thursday Tales and will be back for more! I will try for more stories but am working with poetry at the moment.

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